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Nominated for the digitalization award: Legal work on roles and responsibilities between the municipal sector and the state

The local government sector and Kulturtanken have been nominated for the Digitization Award for their work on designing agreements and legal framework conditions in solutions owned by the state and used by the local government sector. This work sets a precedent for the development and use of national joint case management solutions for the state, county councils and municipalities. Anne Mette Dørum, who now works at Novari IKS, has played a key role in this work and is mentioned separately in the nomination.

The service that has been nominated is the result of close cooperation between county councils, municipalities and Kulturtanken on the design of agreements and legal framework conditions for the municipal sector's use of the DKS portal. The DKS portal is owned by Kulturtanken and used by the municipal sector. Anne Mette Dørum, who at the time worked as a special advisor in KS, but now works as a special advisor in Novari IKS, led this work.

When the municipal sector is to use a common case management system owned by the state, it is a fundamental prerequisite for good cooperation and compliance with laws and regulations that the parties jointly agree on the agreements and legal framework conditions for using the system.
The agreement structure designed between the municipal sector and Kulturtanken was developed jointly and meets the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation, the Archives Act, the Public Administration Act, the Freedom of Information Act and relevant special laws. The agreements are also well balanced in terms of the placement of roles and responsibilities between Kulturtanken as system owner and the municipal sector as users of the systems, and regulate the collaboration between the administrative actors.

The agreement structure consists of

This is a good candidate for the digitization award, because it provides major benefits for users, has a high profit potential for all government agencies and reuse of the agreements can help streamline the entire administration.

photo by anne mette dørum
Anne Mette Dørum

- "I'm very pleased that a legal project has been nominated for the Digitization Award, which will hopefully lead to more emphasis being placed on legal collaboration in projects," says Anne Mette Dørum. -"The agreements we have drawn up are a good template for the design of similar agreements for the development and use of joint case management systems owned by the state and used by the municipal sector. The work on agreements and legal framework conditions for joint solutions is crucial to realizing the Digitization Strategy and supporting coherent digital services, she emphasizes.

FRID IKS, together with the county councils' archive manager network, has nominated this legal work for the digitization award. The reason is that FRID IKS considers this to be a good contractual basis for use in the future development of national common case management systems. The Archive Managers' Network believes that the archival framework is well taken care of in the agreements, and hopes that the nomination will draw attention to the agreements that support national common case management systems, so that state actors and others who design common solutions take these agreements as a starting point when designing new agreements.

- "We would like to thank Anne Mette Dørum, who has assisted Kulturtanken, Viken County Council and the rest of the municipal sector throughout the process," says Anne Eid, senior digital advisor and portfolio manager at FRID IKS. -"Anne Mette Dørum has driven forward this agreement, which we now believe sets a precedent, and which should henceforth be used as a template when other agreements are drawn up for the development of national joint case management solutions for public administration.

Anne Mette Dørum has also written a master's thesis in administrative informatics at the Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo on "Organization of roles and responsibilities in the processing of personal data involving both state and municipality" You can read it here.

We at Novari IKS congratulate Anne Mette with the nomination.

Visma InSchool, in which Novari IKS is an important player, is also nominated. Read more about it here.

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