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Feedback on locally administered written exam in spring 2023

Through the national cooperation for exams, Vigo IKS wants feedback on the exam papers in LK20 subjects, locally given exams in spring 2023.
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Vigo IKS section Transport has awarded the contract to HMSREG AS

Early in 2022, Vigo IKS started the work of establishing a joint follow-up system for Builder HSE and seriousness, and in September 2022 the competition was announced. The contract has now been signed, and HMSREG AS will be the supplier.
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Do you want to attend the spring 2023 exam sessions?

If you are a thesis producer, will be an examiner in spring 2023 or are considering becoming an examiner, you can register for the exam session.
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New General Manager of Vigo IKS

The board of Vigo IKS decided on Thursday, March 2, to appoint Hilde Benno Vaage as the new general manager. She will take up the position on April 1, 2023.
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Nice story about our IT developer apprentice

Last week we were visited by Telemarksavisa (TA) who wrote a story about apprentices.
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Do you want to help manage and further develop an important national IT system?

Vigo IKS is growing rapidly and is now looking for a VIGO Service Manager. The company is responsible for the development and management of the county councils' shared IT systems in education, transportation and shared services.
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