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Do you want to help manage and further develop an important national IT system?

Vigo IKS is growing rapidly and is now looking for a VIGO Service Manager. The company is responsible for the development and management of the county councils' shared IT systems in education, transportation and shared services.
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Work on our new website is ongoing

Our new website has been published, but we are still working on both content and structure. If there is anything you can't find or if you have any other suggestions, we would appreciate it if you contact us. You will find most things by using the search function. Send an email to
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New website launched

On Thursday, January 5, our new website will be visible to everyone.
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New websites

We are looking forward to launching our new website
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New website for Vigo IKS

Work has been initiated to create new websites for Vigo IKS. The new website is expected to be published at the end of December 2022.
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