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The examination service PAS

PAS exams and PAS tests are UDIR's "newly renovated" digital platforms for planning, administering and conducting centrally administered exams and various tests in primary and secondary education.
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FINT Archive

Make information available in your preferred case/archive system in a standardized way.
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FINT Payment (Student billing)

FINT Betaling is a web application that allows users to create and send invoices to students. With FINT Payment, you can easily select individual students or groups of students, select the products to be invoiced and send the invoice to an external system.
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FINE city of Vigo

The deliveries from FINT consist of a standardized information model and API, which can be used as a basis for future acquisitions of new systems (requirement specification), improvement of existing services and development of new services (digitalisation). It will provide general savings and higher quality, because things are done once and the same for all county municipalities.
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FINT Taxi license

A joint national application portal for taxi licenses, where Vigo IKS handles the flow of information between Altinn, the applicant and the county council systems.
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FINT Common component

FINT is common county integrations and are established common principles and standards for integrations. This includes a standardized information model combined with making information available through open, programmable interfaces (API). These elements - principles, information model and API - work together to provide a technology- and vendor-neutral solution. Together they form the counties' common integration strategy.
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