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Interdisciplinary collaboration: specialist groups for VIGO and

The specialist groups for VIGO further develop VIGO services in line with laws, regulations and requests from users. There are specialist groups for intake, vocational training, coding, OT and apprenticeship accounts. Novari IKS and the county councils also have a technical group for, which contributes to the further development of the information service in line with the owners' wishes. 

Novari IKS has recently been working to harmonize the mandates of all professional groups. The purpose of the work is to standardize, update and renew.

The specialist groups hold meetings at regular intervals throughout the year, based on need. Subject group leaders have meetings twice a year because the need arises to talk across subject areas and update each other on projects underway in VIGO and on It's useful to talk together and see things in context.

The new Education Act and regulations to the Education Act create just such a need to talk to each other across subject areas. The VIGO system must be reprogrammed as a result. Subject group leaders recently met to discuss, among other things, the consequences of such a comprehensive change for the VIGO system.

What does the new Education Act mean for VIGO? Does it mean that applicants get new types of rights? How will "requalification " be handled in terms of data technology? How will the system handle applications for modular training for adults? Should any new fields be added? How to automate some of this? How should the data flow be? What needs to be done in the VIGO system urgently and what can wait?

There are still many unanswered questions, but the work is well underway. The new law and regulations will enter into force as early as August 1, 2024.

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Text: Natalia K.-Gundersen, VIGO service manager

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