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Secondary education is divided into 15 different educational programs.

Last modified: April 24, 2023

Trial curricula module-structured subject and vocational training for adults

In upper secondary education, an experiment is being carried out with module-structured subject and vocational training for adults in some subjects.

The experiment is organized and carried out by Nordland, Oslo, Trøndelag, Innlandet and Agder counties.

The target group for the experiment is adults with completed primary school education or equivalent.

The following pilot curricula are valid for the period 2017-2024:

  • The sales profession
  • Logistics subject
  • The recycling subject
  • Cookery
  • Institutional cooking profession
  • The production engineering subject
  • fishing and hunting
  • The cleaning operator profession

The following pilot curricula are valid for the period 2019-2024:

  • The health worker profession
  • The concrete profession
  • The painting subject
  • The pipe laying profession
  • The wood trade

Here you will find information on:

Introduction offer for linguistic minorities within upper secondary education

To be a participant in an introductory offer, the student must have the right to special language training for students from linguistic minorities cf. Education Act § 3-12.

The aim of the introductory offer is for the pupils to learn sufficient Norwegian as quickly as possible to follow the ordinary education in Norwegian schools and reach the competence targets in the Knowledge Promotion.

The pupil must be admitted to a Vg1 in the offer structure(Rundskriv Udir-1-2022) and has the right to enter one of three educational programs.

Pupils who take an introductory course make use of their right to upper secondary education.

An introductory offer is a transitional offer lasting a maximum of two years. It can be taken in primary and/or secondary education. In some cases, the offer may start in primary education and end in secondary education. See also information on program area codes for primary education.

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