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Atlanterhavsveien photo: C.Hill-Jensen

Road search - a unified solution for all citizens

Novari IKS is an active driver of the digitalization of the public sector, and not least the follow-up of the government's digitalization strategy: "One digital public sector". The Vegsøk system is a good example of this.

An excellent example of this is the Vegsøk system, which collaborates across administrative levels to provide a unified solution for all citizens.

Although Novari IKS is not a direct contracting party, we have worked actively to ensure the continuity and possible further development of this solution in collaboration with both the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (SVV) and the counties.

The background to this collaboration is that SVV, in consultation with KS (the municipal sector's interest and employer organization), developed and implemented a joint application solution for receiving and processing applications for exits and exemptions from building limits along public roads. However, it has turned out that only 10% of the applications concern the national road network, while the remaining applications are roughly equally distributed between county councils and municipalities. SVV therefore considered discontinuing the solution. After constructive dialog with Novari IKS, SVV has now decided to maintain the solution.

Vegsøk works by receiving applications from citizens and then forwarding them to the right body, including municipalities, county authorities and SVV. Vegsøk gives all applicants the opportunity to use this solution, regardless of whether the application concerns municipal, county or national roads.

SVV owns and administers Vegsøk, and applications are submitted through SVV's website. The solution automatically retrieves relevant information from registers at SVV and the Norwegian Mapping Authority, including information from zoning plans, NVDB (National Road Database), GeoNorge, Ortofoto and Noise Warning Maps. The applications with the necessary additional information are forwarded through KS FIKS to the relevant decision-making authority's case management system.

Text: Bjørn Harald Sti
Photo: Cathrine Hill-Jensen

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