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Visma InSchool nominated for digitalization award

The Digitization Award recognizes and rewards businesses and collaborative projects that have developed innovative solutions or processes to improve the provision, accessibility and quality of public services. We are delighted that Visma InSchool has been nominated for this prestigious award.

23 different solutions and services have been nominated for the Digitization Award, which will be presented at the Digitization Conference on 18 June. Of these 23, the jury will select 3 finalists to compete for the participants' vote at the conference.

Visma InSchool (VIS) is a school administration system for upper secondary education. This is a cloud solution that is used by parents, students, teachers and administrators in upper secondary schools, adult education and vocational schools.

Visma InSchool helps make everyday work easier for the 600,000 monthly users at our upper secondary schools. All administration is gathered in the cloud. This means that everything is available anywhere and at any time, through a single login. The system is a big part of the students' everyday school life. Students see important information such as timetables, absences, remarks, grades and more, and receive documentation of completed training. Students can also submit digital applications, make subject choices and perform many other actions.

Overall goal and success
The overall goal of the project was to contribute to a national school boost by streamlining and improving the quality of school administration, in short to "streamline and improve the quality of school administration".

The biggest success of the project is that 19, then 11, then 15 county councils have jointly standardized and established a common digital service for school administration in Norway, in close collaboration with Novari IKS (formerly Vigo IKS) and Visma. Voluntarily agreeing on and implementing dozens of work processes and data standards at over 400 private and public upper secondary schools in Norway is a success in itself.


picture of people in novari iks who work with vis
Pictured from left: Bjørn Tveiten (Functional Manager VIS, Novari), Vigdis M. Hoven (Section Manager Education, Novari), Heidi Oppebøen (IT Service Level Manager VIS, Novari) and Terje Svensson (Service Manager VIS, Novari).

The role of Novari IKS
Novari has played a central role throughout the procurement, development and implementation process by representing all counties and the City of Oslo as a single customer. -"Our focus has been to ensure the customer's influence and involvement through the organization on the customer side and the involvement of all the counties we represent," says Bjørn Tveiten, who together with Heidi Oppebøen and Terje Svensson works with Visma InSchool in Novari.

They go on to explain that the project organization consisted of dedicated experts in the school domain from different counties. "Although the road may have been challenging at times, the key to success has been that we have emerged as a coordinated customer working towards a common standardized solution/service for upper secondary education, adult education and vocational schools in all counties and Oslo municipality," says Tveiten.

After the project organization was discontinued in 2022, a management organization was established consisting of a management council and working groups for various school domains where Visma InSchool delivers functionality. -"Our role as Novari in the management phase now is to facilitate this organization, ensure delivery and safeguard the customer's interests and needs in the use of Visma InSchool at the various school types that have adopted the solution," explains Tveiten.

Tveiten, Oppebøen and Svensson, as well as Vigdis M. Hoven (Head of Education at Novari) agree that the success of Visma InSchool is not only due to the customer's commitment, but also to the good climate of cooperation and understanding of roles between Novari, the various county councils, Oslo Municipality and Visma as a supplier.

The credit for the fact that Visma InSchool is now implemented and in operation in all counties and Oslo Municipality, belongs to many individuals and parts of the organizations both on the customer and supplier side.

We are proud to be among the 23 nominees and wish everyone good luck in the "final".

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