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Visma InSchool

Visma InSchool (VIS) is a school administrative system designed for upper secondary schools. This is a cloud solution for parents, pupils, teachers and administration in upper secondary schools, adult education and vocational schools.
Last modified: March 7, 2024

VIS is a big part of the students' everyday school life. They see important information, such as timetables, absences, notes, grades and more, and receive documentation of completed education. Students can also submit digital applications, make subject choices and perform many other actions.

The VIS system has many integrations with important side systems such as HR, payroll, VIGO and others. VIS is also integrated with the privatist portal.

The school administration system Visma InSchool has been implemented in all county authorities.

Novari IKS has established a management organization that, together with Visma, will manage the solution in the future.