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FINT is common county integrations and are established common principles and standards for integrations. This includes a standardized information model combined with making information available through open, programmable interfaces (API). These elements - principles, information model and API - work together to provide a technology- and vendor-neutral solution. Together they form the counties' common integration strategy.
Last modified: March 7, 2024

Target group:

When procuring new systems, upgrading existing services or developing new ones, the use of FINT should be considered. Although many technologists, such as developers and IT support, use FINT, its benefits are of strategic importance. Therefore, product owners, business and solution architects, as well as IT managers should be involved when considering FINT when establishing or changing the county's technology architecture.



Common ecosystem: As an established, common county-wide framework, FINT provides the principles, architecture and structure of an ecosystem for integrations between different data systems. In addition to its purely technical APIs, FINT is as much the coordinated workflow and established processes for remodeling the information model and establishing new integrations. This helps to improve productivity and consistency.


Sharing and reuse of data: By following the Public Data Availability Policy, FINT ensures that data is available in good data quality and avoids locking data into system-specific formats. This allows for easy reuse of data and promotes effective sharing of information, which is critical for the delivery of coherent services.


Well-established technology standards: FINT's use of well-established technology standards such as REST API and GraphQL should provide a more efficient development process and improve the overall user experience for developers (DevEx). For example, by making the data model available to Java or C# developers.


Observability: Various tools allow FINT's users to access and monitor the system. As an integration tool, you can then observe data between different systems, which can simplify troubleshooting processes.


Information security: The solution is designed to ensure the highest level of information security. By prioritizing data security, FINT ensures that data is safe, integrity is maintained, and information is available when needed, all while adhering to strict regulatory standards.


Efficiency: As an integration platform, FINT promotes seamless communication between applications, minimizes manual work and duplication, provides a holistic platform for data integration that strengthens decision-making processes and leads to cost savings by avoiding errors and unnecessary processes.


Innovative cloud service: FINT is delivered as a software-as-a-service. The service is managed, developed and operated by Vigo IKS.


How to book the service?

Each county council has a "legal manager" with access to the customer portal. This person can also grant access to other employees. Within this portal, access to FINT is managed by creating accounts for both clients (consumers) and adapters (providers).