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FINT Control is a resource management portal/management module for applications, services and administration of access to these as a first step. In the long term, we envisage that this portal will be able to include functionality for internet management, consent and other services. All services will use the same basic data/authorization module and be managed via the same interface.
Last modified: March 7, 2024

This service will eventually replace the current VIGO-BAS administration portal. The solution is independent of IDM, so we do not assume that the counties use VIGO-BAS IDM, but can use any IDM to populate users to AD/Azure AD.

Architectural sketch:

FINT Control overview - FINT KONTROLL
FINT Control overview

Target group

Initially, employees in the county council who need to manage applications and services.


The solution will simplify the administration of resources within an organization and across organizations where common IT services have been created for these. Access to the various functions in the service can be controlled using roles that the county council itself administers.

How to book the service?

This service is under development. Viken aims to start using it on 1/1-24 to manage licenses and services in the three new counties. The first version will only handle administrative licenses and services. For schools/educational licenses, this will be in place during spring 24. Information on how this service can be ordered will be announced when we are nearing completion of the first version.