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FINT Cultural heritage conservation

In collaboration with the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, national grant and exemption cases are processed within cultural heritage management.
Last modified: September 13, 2023

Target group:

Provide a description of the target group for which the product/service has been developed. Example: FINT FLYT is designed to be able to transfer information from one file system to another. Transferring information from eGrunnerverv to the county council's archive is a good example of an application area.



Describes the product's benefits and advantages. And what benefits this can bring to the user. Example: FINT FLYT is designed so that no developer expertise is required to set up integrations between, for example, a specialist application and an archive service. This is easily done by an archivist.


How to book the service?

See the section "Basic information" for a more detailed description of what preparations you need to make and what information we need to set up the service for your organization. Contact Vigo IKS here.


Basic information:

What information do we need?

  • Contact information for your technical resource that we can have a dialog with for setup and commissioning of the product/service.
  • Contact information for other relevant resources such as archives, finance, HR and/or other professional resources at your company.