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FINT Cultural heritage conservation

In collaboration with the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, national grant and exemption cases are processed within cultural heritage management.
Last modified: March 22, 2024

Target group

FINT Kulturminnevern was launched in 2020, and is currently used by all of Norway's county authorities and the City of Oslo's Department of Cultural Heritage. The service is provided in collaboration with the Directorate for Cultural Heritage and Machina.

If you own or manage a cultural monument, you can apply for grants for measures such as restoration, protection and management. Digisak is the cultural heritage administration's application portal, and here you can apply for grants for restoration, repair or protection of your cultural heritage. You can also apply for an archaeological exemption under the Cultural Heritage Act. Completed applications from Digisak are transferred to the organization's preferred case/archive.

Current users of the service

All county authorities are connected to the solution.

Supported schemes
  • Preserved buildings in private ownership

  • Ship protection

  • Exemption for measures on automatically protected cultural monuments

  • Grants for listed buildings in private ownership from before 1537

  • Grants for world heritage

  • Grants for technical and industrial cultural heritage sites

  • Grants for medieval ruins

  • Subsidy for fire protection of dense wooden house areas



A national joint service for applying for grants for the protection of our shared cultural heritage. The service handles the entire process from application to case management and public record keeping.


How to book the service?

See the section "Basic information" for a more detailed description of what preparations you need to make and what information we need to set up the service for your organization. Contact Vigo IKS here


Basic information

What information we need
  • Contact information for your technical resource with whom we can have a dialog about setup and commissioning of the service

  • Contact information for relevant resources at your document center and cultural heritage administration


Additional information

Good communication with relevant professional resources is important for the correct setup of the service.


Architectural sketch

Architecture screenshot cultural heritage conservation - FINT Kulturminnevern