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GREAT profile picture

Last modified: March 7, 2024

The service provides a central and secure storage space where providers can upload profile pictures. The service also offers a common API where school administrative systems and others can download profile images.


Target group:

All county councils with a need for centralized storage of profile images.



One central repository for all profile pictures. Can be combined with FINT-Consent, which is a separate service.

Architectural sketch:

profile picture - FINT profile picture


How to book the service?

Please contact VIGO IKS.


Basic information:

What information do we need?

  • Contact information for your technical resource that we can have a dialog with for setup and commissioning of the product/service.

Dependencies on other products/services provided by Vigo IKS

  • Possibly FINT-Consent if this is to be used to obtain consent to use a profile picture.

Dependencies on other products/services provided by other suppliers

  • Counties must have an agreement with a photographer/image supplier who can upload the images to FINT, or alternatively have their own solutions for this.