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Novari IKS is an inter-municipal company that manages and further develops the county authorities' shared IT systems within upper secondary education, transport and technology.

The company is owned by all the county authorities and the City of Oslo. Novari IKS's supreme body is the Supervisory Board, which has one member from each of the owners. The Supervisory Board has elected a board of directors that monitors the company's operations.

Novari IKS has its head office in Porsgrunn.

The tasks include:

  • Procurement and management of joint IT solutions
  • Management and further development of VIGO Central Base
  • Development and management of a new school administrative system, Visma InSchool
  • Quality assurance of student and apprentice data
  • Information work for the county municipalities via
  • Development of a solution for archiving documents from the subject systems to archives
Last modified: March 25, 2024

Employees in Novari IKS

Novari IKS has 50 permanent employees in addition to general manager Hilde Benno Vaage. The company also buys employees from the county authorities for various assignments in development projects.

In the drop-down menu below, you will find their names and e-mail addresses.

Hilde Benno Vaage (General Manager)

Frode Sjursen (Assistant General Manager)


Collaboration and advice (consultation)

Vanja Valjord Christensen (Head of section for interaction and counseling)



Anne Mette Dørum (special advisor)

Cathrine Hill-Jensen (communications advisor)

Erik Hesmyr(Information Security Officer and Data Protection Officer)

Gyri Stavdal (lawyer)

Linn Jonassen (advisor responsible for document and information management)

Marte Welta Myrene (administrative advisor)

Rune Pedersen (IT responsible)

Trygve Gunnarshaug (purchasing advisor)


Transport Section

Bjørn Harald Sti (section manager transport)

David Andrè Hosen (project manager transport)

Kristina Grimsrud (procurement project manager)

Jenny Anne Haug (service level manager)

Marianne Ramdal Nesset (transport project manager)

Raymond Hermansen (project manager for contract management)

Susanne Thornes (business developer)

Øystein Reppesgård (project manager transport)


Education Section

Vigdis Margrethe Hoven (head of education section)

Beate Karlsen (education advisor)

Bjørn Tveiten (education advisor)

Hallgeir Wikdahl (education advisor)

Heidi Oppebøen (education advisor)

Lars Pedersen (education advisor)

Marie Skåra Graarup (education advisor)

Natalia Kovalenko-Gundersen (VIGO service manager)

Ola Brustad (education advisor)

Sindre Andreas Rådahl Kirchhoff (Education Advisor)

Terje Svensson (Education Advisor)

Trude Riple (consultant education - free bought 80%)


Technology Section

Svein Håkon Skulstad (Head of Section Technology IT)

Egil Ballestad (developer technology IT)

Erling Jahr (developer technology IT)

Hans Jørgen Ødegaard (developer technology IT)

Henrik Knutsen (apprentice technology IT )

Jennifer Strand (Developer Technology IT)

Jon Erik Stensrød (Project Manager Technology IT)

Kenneth Folkestad Goa (developer technology IT)

Lasse Ulvær (developer technology IT)

Linda Wangen Loftsgarden (developer technology IT)

Maria Forsberg Kristoffersen (product owner)

Mattis Bratland (developer)

Nils-Håkon Opsahl (developer technology IT)

Nils-Odd Solberg (developer technology IT)

Trond Magnus Sevre (developer technology IT)

Ole Anders Eidjord (developer technology IT)

Sander Rysjedal (apprentice technology IT)

Sondre Nordjore (developer technology IT)

Board of Representatives Novari IKS

Overview of elected representatives in the Board of Representatives of Novari IKS 2020 - 2023:


Representative: Ole Christian Melhus

Product: Inge Haraldstad


Representative: Sverre Osland

Vara: Hilde Karin Kløvfjell

Vara: Thomas Wilhelm Tvedt


Representative: Brynjard Rønningen

Vara: Håkon Bjarne Johnsen

Vara: Ann Cathrin Guldberg


Representative: Ana Maria Silva- Harper

Vara: Kjell Erland Grønbeck

Vara: Kristin Løvaas Gjerde

The hinterland

Representative: Joakim Ekseth

Vara: Mari Gjestvang

Vara: Hans Kristian Enge


Representative: Gunnar Berg Treidene

Vara: Stig Larsen

Item: Jens Rydhagen


Representative: Ketil Reed Aasgaard

Vara: Elisabeth Gylder Vingereid


Representative: Knut Lindland

Item: Arly Hauge


Representative: Anne Kristin Bruns

Vara: Mille-Sofie Kvannli

Vara: Oddny Helen Turøy


Representative: Åsmund Berthelsen

Vara: Stig Stellberg

Item: Ronny Grønsdal

Møre and Romsdal

Representative: Anders Riise

Vara: Anne Marie Fiksdal

Vara: Line Hatmosø Hoem


Representative: Vegard Iversen

Item: Anders Bjøru

Vara: Endre Rudolfsen


Representative: Geir Hareide Hansen

Item: Even J. Ediassen


Representative: Børre Krudtå (Chairman)

Item: Margunn Blix

Product: Bjørn-Inge Thomasjord


Representative: Raymond Robertsen

Vara: Thomas Mølmann

Vara: Hallgeir Strifelt

The next meeting of the Supervisory Board of Novari IKS will take place:

  • Wednesday, April 24, 2024
  • 0900-1230 hours
  • In Novari IKS's premises in Deltabygget, Kjølnes Ring 30, 3918 Porsgrunn

Here you will find the agenda and attachments:

Board of Directors Novari IKS

Overview of elected members of the Board of Directors of Novari IKS:

The Board of Directors of Novari IKS consists of the following persons:

Chairman of the board

Bjørn Marthinsen, agency director for the Development and Skills Agency in Oslo municipality

Deputy head

Ane Tonette Lognseth, Assistant County Director Education - Innlandet County Council

Board members

Aud Margrethe Riseng, Head of Transport and Communications - Innlandet County Council

Elisabeth Bechmann, Head of Transportation - Østfold County Council

Even Jarl Ediassen, County Director of Finance and Organization - Nordland County Municipality

Kariann D. Flovikholm, asst. county director of education – Møre and Romsdal county municipality

Svein Vathne, Head of Digitalisation - Rogaland County Council


Hanne Wigemyr Kjeldsen, Digitalization and Service Development Advisor - Telemark County Council

Per Magne Aadnøy, Head of Service Management - Akershus County Council


Here you can find the annual report, strategic documents and login for Council and Board members.

Agreement portfolio

Novari IKS's overall agreement portfolio is currently being updated and you will soon find an updated document here.

If you need more information about individual agreements, please contact

Trygve Gunnarshaug
Procurement advisor

The Transparency Act

Here you will find information about Novari IKS and the Transparency Act:

The law shall promote business respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in connection with the production of goods and provision of services, and ensure public access to information on how businesses manage negative impacts on fundamental human rights and decent working conditions.

Novari IKS has both a duty to respect human rights and to comply with the Transparency Act to ensure transparency and accountability in our operations.

Our own operations
Novari IKS respects and supports fundamental human rights, as set out in international conventions and Norwegian law, in all our activities.

Novari IKS identifies the following human rights and labor rights as areas where Novari IKS can have a particular impact:

  • HSE in the workplace
  • Prohibition of racism and discrimination
  • Right to work and non-discrimination against job seekers
  • Freedom of association and freedom of trade unions
  • Prohibition of child labor, forced labor and slavery
  • Fair and good working conditions, including safe and healthy working conditions. Prohibition of any form of discrimination in employment and occupation.

Novari IKS is an intermunicipal company established pursuant to the Intermunicipal Companies Act. The company has the county authorities and the City of Oslo as owners.

The company is an ICT and digitalization company that will ensure efficient and demand-driven procurement, management and operation of digital services for the county council's statutory tasks within education and transport management. The Public Procurement Act and the rules on public funding must be observed. The company shall also provide the necessary professional training and guidance related to the services provided.

Digital services related to statutory county authority tasks can be outsourced to the company in line with the participants' needs and orders within the framework set by the Supervisory Board and which are not of a financial nature. This results in a broad and varied supplier portfolio within consultancy and operations.

The suppliers vary in size from large international and national companies to smaller local suppliers. Novari IKS has contracts or framework agreements with approximately 30 suppliers, with a total contract value of approximately NOK 80 million. Annual consumption is approximately NOK 84 million excluding VAT.

Novari IKS is aware of our responsibility to develop serious agreements and responsible suppliers.

Novari IKS is subject to the Public Procurement Act. Competitions are planned and carried out, and contracts are entered into and followed up in a commercial, socially responsible and resource-efficient manner in accordance with laws and regulations.

We have conducted an overall assessment of the risk of violations of human rights and decent working conditions.

In connection with procurement processes for framework agreements, requirements are set for environmental and social responsibility, and bidders are required to be able to account for ethical trade at all stages. The requirement for due diligence is therefore met in relation to these agreements.

No need for action has been identified against any suppliers, but Novari IKS audits its suppliers regularly and at contract renewals to ensure that they always comply with Norwegian requirements and laws.

In addition, own procurement and signed agreements were reviewed. We have not identified any actual negative impacts on fundamental human rights and decent working conditions among suppliers.

Contact us
If you have any questions related to our work with due diligence, cf. the Transparency Act, please contact us at

The Consumer Authority is the public supervisory authority for the Openness Act

You can read more about the Transparency Act on the Consumer Authority's website here.

Send invoice to Novari IKS

Here you will find information on how to send us an invoice:

Novari IKS has the following invoice address:

Kjølnes ring 30, 3918 Porsgrunn

There is a requirement that the invoice must be sent electronically with an affixed reference.

Novari IKS has 998283914

All invoices must be sent in EHF format

ELMA 0192:998283914 – Visma access point

All invoices must be marked correctly for faster processing by us, i.e. with reference and contact person.

Electronic invoices in EHF are delivered with 1000 as a reference. This is an ID number placed in the 'AccountingCost' field at invoice header level.


We currently have vacancies for developers:

We currently have two announcements, you can find the ads on by following the links below:

Front-end developers

Backend developers

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