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FINT Information model

The information model describes the information elements an organization needs to receive or produce in order to perform its mission. This enables communication in a common and standardized way.
Last modified: March 7, 2024

At the heart of all our service production is the Information Model. It describes the information we depend on and how it is connected. The information model is the basis for how businesses exchange information with us, themselves and others. A standardized information model facilitates increased digitization and makes businesses less dependent on suppliers.

The information model is divided into the following components:

  • Economy
    • Invoice
    • Coding works
    • Accounting
  • Education
    • Basic classes
    • Student
    • Coding works
    • Apprentice
    • OT
    • Schedule
    • Education program
    • Assessment
  • Resources
    • Assets
  • Privacy policy
    • Coding works
    • Consent
  • Fur
    • Basic classes
    • Coding works
    • ISO
    • Complex data types
  • Archive
    • Coding works
    • Cultural heritage protection
    • noark
    • Personnel
    • Transportation
  • Administration
    • Power of attorney
    • Coding works
    • Complex data types
    • Organization
    • Personnel


The entire information model is described in full at


Libraries are made available for free use:


Target group

The target group for FINT Information Model is all county authorities that need to transfer data between systems.



Standardized information model

Common way of communicating with technical systems in the county authorities.


Facilitate digitalization

Standardizing an information model across counties makes it easier to set up solutions/systems across counties that need the same information.


Simplifying operations

Consume/API can be generated automatically from the information model.


Less dependent on suppliers

When setting up new integrations, which are covered by what exists in the information model, these can be set up with little involvement from the suppliers.


How to book the service?

See the section "Basic information" for a more detailed description of what preparations you need to make and what information we need to set up the service for your organization. Contact Vigo IKS here.


Basic information

What information do we need?

  • Contact information for your technical resource that we can have a dialog with for setup and commissioning of the product/service.
  • Contact information for other relevant resources such as archives, finance, HR and/or other professional resources at your company.