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The purpose of the project was to put in place processes and routines that enable the county authorities to manage the identities of all their user types in an appropriate way - an identity management system.
Last modified: March 7, 2024

Identity management is becoming increasingly important, as more and more systems become automated and need to determine who a person is and what role the person has. This is to ensure the following:

  • Confidentiality: assurance that only authorized persons have access to information and that a valid identification and authentication of the person has been carried out in advance
  • Integrity: assurance that information and information processing are complete, accurate and valid, and the result of authorized and controlled activities
  • Availability: assurance that a service meets specific requirements for stability, so that current information is available when needed
  • Collects and checks identification information (which identifies a person or object)
  • Preparation of users
  • Create user accounts
  • Create FEIDE user account (used by services within the education sector)
  • Identify the systems a user must have access to
  • Maintain authentication information and access rights
  • Removal of access rights


Description of the service:

VIGO-BAS is an IDM solution developed in collaboration between 8 county authorities. The solution is intended as a replacement for the current "Buddy solution" which is/was used in 13 county authorities from 2006-2016.

The solution is based on Microsoft Identity Manager and consists of a framework for provisioning new user and group objects with a flow of associated attributes and links for the HRM (Human Resource Management) and SAS (School Administrative System) systems currently in use among the counties. We have currently created links to Visma HRM, Agresso, Bluegarden, PIFU IMS and FINT. In the future, FINT will be the preferred system for employee and student information.

Vigo BAS also has a self-service web where selected users can be delegated access to view information about users, create temporary users, create and maintain resource groups and more, as well as a portal for activating new users and for forgotten username/password.

Parts of the functionality of the VIGO-BAS web interfaces will be replaced by FINT-Kontroll.


The solution is designed to manage the lifecycle of all users from both SAS and HRM systems in a municipality/county municipality from the time they are created until they leave. Based on which system they come from and what role they have, Active Directory accounts, Feide accounts, Fronter/It's Learning accounts, etc. are created.

  • Create/update/delete users based on source data (HRM/VIS)
  • Start/forgotten portal
  • Administration portal


Project information:
  • The project has been in the implementation phase, consisting of development, testing and implementation of the technical solutions, but has now been completed.
  • This service is continuously being developed on the basis of input from the Management Board.
  • The project was carried out in autumn 2015 and winter 2016 with handover to the line in mid-April.