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Novari IKS is responsible for managing the Qlik business intelligence tool on behalf of the county authorities. Qlik is used in the service areas of vocational training, intake, follow-up services and schools.

Last modified: March 7, 2024

Qlik in Novari IKS

Novari IKS develops applications (apps) in Qlik that are used both as control and work tools and for statistics, analysis and reporting in the county authorities.

The service areas have different access-controlled streams where the apps for the subject area are available. A user can have access to multiple areas. Access to the apps is managed in the individual county council.

Novari IKS develops and operates central (national) apps in consultation with representatives from the counties. Local (internal) apps are developed by the counties themselves.

Access to the apps

If you have access to Qlik in your county, you can go directly to the apps via the links below:

Feel free to visit our sharepoint area to stay updated on new app launches, upcoming webinars, read news stories and more.

Do you have access to Qlik in your county, but cannot access the sharepoint area? Send an email to 

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