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The demand management process; what is it and what is the status?

In connection with the changes to the company agreement of the former Vigo IKS, the county authorities and now Novari IKS (formerly Vigo IKS) took the initiative to implement a project to clarify and structure the form of cooperation between the county authorities and Novari. The project was named the demand management process. But what is it and what is the status?

The project, which took place in the winter and spring of 2023, developed a framework for needs management - how the counties should collaborate on common development needs. The needs management process describes the ordering process, roles, responsibilities and organization of how the counties should collaborate among themselves and with Novari IKS. This will help the counties to fulfill their social mission and deliver good services to citizens, businesses and volunteers.

The demand management process

Initially, the demand management framework applies to new needs, but a similar process will gradually be developed for needs related to the further development of existing services in Novari IKS.

At its meeting on September 1, 2023, the County Council adopted a proposal for a demand management process for Novari IKS. The College of HR, ICT and Digitalization (HID) was given responsibility for ensuring the anchoring, implementation and further development of the demand management process and associated tasks, in close dialogue with other affected colleges (education, transport, finance, etc.). HID was also asked to prepare a plan for this and report back to the county council.

What is the status today?

A project group is being set up with Svein Vathne, Head of Organization and Digitalization at Rogaland County Council, as project manager. The head of the HID college, Knut Lindland, is the project owner.

In the framework for the demand management process delivered by the project, it is tentatively proposed that Novari IKS takes the role of process manager in the demand management process. In order to assess whether this is an appropriate placement of responsibility, and to identify what such responsibility entails for us, we need to run a pilot through the actual demand management process. This is to gain experience and to see if the process works as intended.

Before Christmas, Novari IKS submitted two possible cases for piloting. The project owner and project manager recommended prioritizing one of the cases as a pilot. As the case deals with needs in upper secondary education, it is also desired to anchor the case in the College of Directors of Education (FKU) so that the project manager can also provide information about the needs management process. On February 2, 2024, there will be a preparatory meeting in the working committee of FKU where this case will be discussed.

The case we want to pilot is an idea submitted by Trøndelag County Council, which is about ensuring that pupils in the transition from secondary school to upper secondary school have the best possible basis for making the right educational choices. It's about reusing data we already have in individual systems to create coherent services.

We at Novari IKS look forward to the continuation of the pilot.

By: Vanja V. Christensen and Anne Mette Dørum

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