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IT systems, solutions and agreements cover the vast majority of disciplines in the field of transport, with the exception of public transport. Examples of supported tasks are:

  • Planning and design of new roads
  • Construction of new roads and ensuring HSE and seriousness
  • Management of county roads such as applications for exits, installation of signs, events such as bicycle races, heavy transport, road safety measures, etc.
  • Operation and maintenance of county roads such as plowing, paving and marking, edge trimming, minor road improvements, tunnel cleaning, landscaping, emergency events, management of operating contractors, etc.

The systems and solutions give users in the counties access to the necessary IT systems to perform their tasks in a good and efficient manner. The result of the work is that the counties have access to more than 150 different IT systems and solutions that together have several thousand users. For the Transport Section in Vigo IKS, this involves tasks such as procurement, in-house development, management and improvement of common IT systems and solutions for all the counties.

Last modified: March 7, 2024

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