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Last modified: May 7, 2024

Product areas


Product owner: David Hosen, Carl Aaby

  • NVDB (incl. data capture)
  • NVDB - registration solution


Product owner: Marianne Ramdal Nesset

  • Powel
  • Kvalink
  • Labsys
  • eRoom
  • HMSREG - a tool for monitoring seriousness, HSE and environmental impact in the construction industry


Product owner: Bjørn Harald Sti

  • The traffic data system
  • Truls/Trine
  • Road images transparency
  • Road search
  • Road safety inspection

Information management and embedded archiving

Product owner: Vanja Valjord

  • MIME360
  • ISY Road
  • Collaboration solution
  • Preservation of archives from SVV's technical systems
  • HSE
  • GIS

Operation and Maintenance

Product owner: Øystein Reppesgård

  • ISY Road
  • Elrapp
  • Brutus
  • Vegvisers
  • A-note
  • Safe tunnel
  • Plania tunnel
  • Radio Ra
  • Rosita
  • PMS

Real estate

Product owner: David Hosen

  • eGrunner acquisition


Product owner: Marianne Ramdal Nesset

  • Focus
  • Trimble (framework agreement)
  • Appropriations
  • GUDB
  • Report web

Road monitoring

Product owner: Carl Aaby

  • VTS event log
  • Road weather
  • The data collection network
  • The automation network
  • The register of measuring stations
  • Telia


Product owner: David Hosen

  • ArcGIS

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