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Last modified: March 7, 2024


Explanations of various terms used in the context of the Transport Section. Click on the drop-down menus to read.

Part of SVV's computerized financial and project management tool for its development projects. System for delivery of installment notes in electronic format. Payment for works on adjustable items is considered part of the original contract, and is therefore invoiced on regular installment notes ("A-note")

Software designed for cost estimation of investment projects in the road sector. Estimation is based on the cost analysis being carried out by a group of people. The costing method is based on step-by-step costing according to the top-down principle: Each cost element is estimated by triple estimation - most likely cost, lowest and highest cost. The cost elements that contribute most to the uncertainty of the estimate are divided into smaller units which are then re-estimated until the overall uncertainty of the estimate is at an acceptable level. Owned in its entirety by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Trimble operates the solution for FK.

A management system for bridges, ferry quays and other load-bearing structures. The system contains information on all bridges on the national and county road network, including inspections with bridge condition. In the system, you can also enter descriptions of measures with costs, and plan when measures are to be carried out.

Data capture is a web-based tool for checking, editing and registering objects in NVDB.

A web-based system that ensures follow-up of the tasks in SVV's construction contracts. ElRapp is used for follow-up of the contractor/operating contract. This includes crew registration, time registration and "R-form".

SVV's web-based tool for collaboration in projects, also known as project hosting/web hosting.

FUNK-Ra (Functional Contract Reports) generates reports with an overview of objects related to a road. The reports generated are further linked to a specific contract area.

Fysak is a software that the Norwegian Mapping Authority has developed and uses in its internal production of Geovekst data. This software is made available if the contractor wishes to use it.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration's ground investigation database. Everything in GUDB has also been transferred to NADAG - National Database for Ground Investigations.

SVV's data tool for planning, follow-up and reporting of technical quality control on projects.

SVV's web application for documentation of execution and material control in road construction and is based on previous versions of the application. The application allows for the creation of asphalt and concrete prescriptions and has fixed auxiliary registers with requirements from handbook N200 Road Construction.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration's system for managing measuring stations. Includes database of traffic recording stations, weather stations, camera stations and related equipment.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration's calculation tool for mapping noise-exposed areas along national and county roads.

National Road Database. Database with information on state, municipal, private, county and forest roads.

SVV uses the tool Plania to monitor the management, operation and maintenance of tunnels and other objects on and along roads that are subject to periodic inspections.

Tunnels and other road objects are subject to strict requirements in internal and external guidelines. Plania adheres to the principle of systematic (periodic) preventive operation and maintenance. This means that we have an overview of what we have, what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and whether it has been done.

Pavement Management System. Software for contractors. Pavement maintenance planning and asphalt tendering. In conjunction with Rosita.

Practical management of uncertainty from the project owner's perspective

Data and document management system used in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Contains large amounts of reports on natural hazards, ground conditions, landslide events, etc.

Solution for the collection and processing of measurement data (track, evenness and friction data) and the standard product TNE. To be seen in the context of PMS.

Supervisory control and data acquisition is widely used in the field of automation and control systems as a term for systems for controlling and monitoring automation or control systems. For tunnels, traffic management systems are used to monitor alarms and control barriers, signs, ventilation, etc.

Products that allow you to record infrastructure-related data in a cost-saving, efficient and secure way from images, maps and in the field.

TRANSPORT NETWORK ENGINE. An open and configurable platform that supports many different types of applications and businesses that use or manage transport network information.

Traffic data is data on traffic on the road network. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration's traffic data includes point measurements and distance measurements made with measuring equipment along the road. has point measurements from traffic registration stations on the national and county road network and some municipal roads.

Statistics generator/audience solution for road accidents

Traffic accident register of the National Road Administration

Tool from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration for safety management in Norwegian road tunnels. The tool is designed to support tunnel managers and managing authorities in meeting the requirements of the tunnel safety regulations.

Closed. Past goodies from the National Road Database (NVDB) - tips on data and on use. All new information is now published on and operational and status reports on is an online map solution that can be used to retrieve data from NVDB, and have them presented on maps or downloaded to spreadsheets and SOSI.

The system used by VTS operators to record and distribute traffic information (road messages) on all types of incidents on the road network.

The road viewer continuously shows you your position in terms of road reference, road name and coordinates, and allows you to take photos that are stamped with time and position in terms of coordinates, road name and road reference.

Vegvær is the national service for weather data along roads, and ensures the collection, storage and dissemination of weather data. 400 weather stations are located along the national and county road network in Norway, and these record different types of meteorological and road meteorological measurements depending on the sensors available at each weather station.

Road traffic control centers are the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's operational unit for traffic management and traffic information on European, national and county roads.

Incidents registered by the Road Traffic Center on the road network throughout the country with the possibility of filtering (access can be requested in Self-Service)

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