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Fint Flyt is an integration platform designed to simplify and reduce the number of integrations between business systems.
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FINT Information model

The information model describes the information elements an organization needs to receive or produce in order to perform its mission. This enables communication in a common and standardized way.
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FINT Control is a resource management portal/management module for applications, services and administration of access to these as a first step. In the long term, we envisage that this portal will be able to include functionality for internet management, consent and other services. All services will use the same basic data/authorization module and be managed via the same interface.
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FINT Cultural heritage conservation

In collaboration with the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, national grant and exemption cases are processed within cultural heritage management.
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FINT customer portal

The customer portal is designed for our customers who want to manage and configure various aspects of our system. It is designed to provide a user-friendly experience and be accessible to both technical and non-technical users.
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FINT OrgMonitor

Monitoring of the organizational structure of a business and notification of changes.
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