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Novari IKS is responsible for managing the Qlik business intelligence tool on behalf of the county authorities. Qlik is used in the service areas of vocational training, intake, follow-up services and schools.
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The VIGO system

VIGO is an application and administration tool for upper secondary education. VIGO is owned by the county authorities and managed by Vigo IKS.
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The purpose of the project was to put in place processes and routines that enable the county authorities to manage the identities of all their user types in an appropriate way - an identity management system.
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Will be is an online information service for applicants to upper secondary education.
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Visma InSchool

Visma InSchool (VIS) is a school administrative system designed for upper secondary schools. This is a cloud solution for parents, pupils, teachers and administration in upper secondary schools, adult education and vocational schools.
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