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Picture of people involved in the agreement between Vigo IKS and HMSREG

Vigo IKS section Transport has awarded the contract to HMSREG AS

Early in 2022, Vigo IKS started the work of establishing a joint follow-up system for Builder HSE and seriousness, and in September 2022 the competition was announced. The contract has now been signed, and HMSREG AS will be the supplier.

-"Throughout the project, Vigo IKS has experienced support and great commitment from the professional environments in the counties, and this cooperation has been crucial to the result," says Hilde Benno Vaage, CEO of Vigo IKS.

The core team has had participants from Innlandet, Møre og Romsdal, Viken, Vestland and Troms and Finnmark. In addition, the project has been well led and managed by project manager Anne Johnsrud - "Thanks to this collaboration both before and during the project, we mark an important milestone today with the signing of the contract," says Vaage.

Agreement between Vigo IKS and HMSREG AS
Hilde Benno Vaage (Vigo IKS) and Eivind Bakke (HMSREG AS)

Four tenders were submitted in the tender competition, and a thorough evaluation of, among other things, approximately 170 user stories has been carried out - "We are confident that HMSREG submitted the best offer.

-"This is a large and important agreement for us, and we are very proud that we will now be able to deliver our services to all the county councils," says Eivind Bakke, CEO of HMSREG AS.

HMSREG AS's core business is to deliver IT solutions and services for a decent working life with
fair competition, serious players and active prevention of social dumping and labor market crime.

-"Through the contract with HMSREG, the counties now get a proven tool, with new functionalities, to follow up on safety, health and working environment (SHA), external environment (YM) and seriousness on their construction sites," says Eivind Bakke. -We look forward to the work of establishing the solution in collaboration with Vigo IKS and the county authorities.

Picture of people involved in the agreement between Vigo IKS and HMSREG
From left: Hilde Benno Vaage (Vigo IKS), Marianne Ramdal Nesset (Vigo IKS), Øystein Berge-Olsen (HMSREG AS), Øystein Reppesgård (Vigo IKS), Kathrine Steen Andersen, Anne Johnsrud (Afry), Anne Marit Langedal (Afry), Audhild Rygg and Eivind Bakke (HMSREG AS).

Vigo IKS has signed agreements on behalf of the county authorities in five functional areas:

  • Risk management tools
  • Reporting system for adverse events
  • Reporting system for the external environment (consumption and emissions)
  • Tools for monitoring seriousness provisions
  • Analysis tools for developments, correlations and trends

-"We are looking forward to starting the implementation phase together with HMSREG. It will certainly be a demanding, but also exciting, process, where the goal is that all county authorities have adopted HMSREG as an important tool in 2024," concludes Benno Vaage.

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