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Do you want to help manage and further develop an important national IT system?

Vigo IKS is growing rapidly and is now looking for a VIGO Service Manager. The company is responsible for the development and management of the county councils' shared IT systems in education, transportation and shared services.

The VIGO system is a central subject system that is used in connection with applications and admissions to upper secondary education and administration of vocational training with close to 400,000 users. Would you like to help coordinate the further development?

 Vigo IKS is looking for a VIGO service manager who will help to further develop the VIGO system. The users' needs are always at the center of the desire to further develop VIGO. If you want to apply for the position, you must be good at communication and orderly processes to involve users at different levels. As a VIGO service manager, you must contribute to managing, operating and further developing together with employees in Vigo IKS, the county councils/Oslo municipality and our system supplier.

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